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ScanPro 2000 Features and Options

The ScanPro 2000 scanner is fully customisable and can be configured to suit your needs. This includes features like film carriers and lenses, but also the ability to customise the software to suit the way you want to use it.

Film Carriers:
Starting with the choice of combination film carrier, there are 4 to choose from and all use quality components, including steel slides and ball bearings and in the motorised carriers, a state-of-the-art microprocessor motor controller. Choose the Film Carrier for your needs:

ScanPro 2000

Included in the ScanPro 2000 is a non-removable image rotation 7x - 54x true optical zoom lens (This is a true optical zoom, not a digital zoom which reduces image quality significantly).That’s right, one lens capable of zooming all the way from 7x – 54x. No more do need to worry about swapping, loosing or breaking expensive lenses.
There is also available an optional 7x – 105x single lens, used for viewing Ultrafiche.

With the installation of the Micro-Opaque option, Micro-Opaque cards can be viewed and captured like any other film.

The optional Auto-ScanTM plug-in software adds automatic scanning for roll film to any ScanPro 2000 with a motorized roll film carrier.

Optional software Plug-in: AUTO-Scan is optional software that operates with your ScanPro 2000 and your motorized combination roll film carrier (UCC300 carrier for 35mm and 16mm microfilm or UCC400 carrier for 35mm, 16mm, and cartridge (M) microfilm) to automatically scan your microfilm. When AUTO-Scan is installed on your computer (the full version or the free demo version) an AUTO-Scan button is added to your library of buttons and can at anytime be added to your toolbar for automatic scanning. ScanPro 2000It is that easy.

How does AUTO-Scan work?: The AUTO-Scan software automatically moves the film image into the viewing area and positions the image on the view screen, stops the film, straightens the image, crops the image and saves the image to the specified folder in the selected file format and then continues to the next image until finished. AUTO-Scan doesn't require your film to have "blips" for scanning.

Demo Version of AUTO-Scan. We highly recommend that you evaluate AUTO-Scan with your own film using the demo version of AUTO-Scan that is included on every ScanPro 2000 install CD. Some film is difficult to automatically scan and we want to make sure that you know how AUTO-Scan works with your film before committing to a purchase. There is a no refund policy on AUTO-Scan so the evaluation step is very important.

Remote Access:

ScanPro® 2000 users can access and operate the ScanPro 2000 from
anywhere in the world using a standard internet connection.

The ScanPro 2000 is the only scanner that has been designed so that ALL the controls, roll film image movement, focus, image adjustment, enhancement, image cropping, and scanning are right on the viewing screen. It is that design feature that makes REMOTE-Access able to provide the remote operator with complete control of the ScanPro 2000.
And, best of all, this capability is available as standard on every ScanPro 2000 at no extra cost. No other microfilm scanner provides that capability.

Remote Access