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Micrographic Engineering Services are a small, experienced and dedicated company offering repair and maintenance services for electronically controlled equipment and machinery on your premises, from simple and basic manually operated equipment to very complex, fully automated production machines. We specialise in micrographics, scanning and office technologies, but as history has proven, our knowledge and experience enables us to cross all boundaries. We have been successful in servicing many forms of equipment in many industries including but not limited to:

• Medical and Scientific equipment

• Automotive test and calibration equipment

• Industrial wood and metal working production machinery

• Printing industry production and finishing equipment

• Mail loading, handling and sorting equipment

• Jewellery crafting equipment

• IT design, installation and maintenance services including cabling installations

Over the years, we have become known as the “Last Resort Engineers”. Many of our customers have come to us because they have been unable find support anywhere else. Too often, equipment manufacturers turn their backs on equipment owners after only a few years stating that they can no longer support the equipment because it is “too old”. Other times, the machines are rare or specially imported and there is no local support to be found. Most larger organisations simply do not have the ability or flexibility to support people who find themselves in such circumstances. MES, being a small organisation, does have the ability and flexibility to help you. We encourage you to contact us so we get started on getting your equipment up and running.

Through our more than 30 years of operation, we have identified the keys to delivering efficient and effective services that has our customers utilising us again and again, some for the entire time our business has been in operation.


Our service staff are all fully qualified electronics engineers, not just technicians, ensuring they are able to live up to our standards and expectations, which almost always exceed those of our clients. Furthermore, they are focused first and foremost on customer satisfaction, our top priority.


We understand that your equipment is key to your business and as such, ensure that all works undertaken to correct faults are done so efficiently and effectively. When parts are required to complete a repair or some other unavoidable delay occurs, we don't just leave you to fend for yourself, we take the extra step of trying, whenever possible, to get your equipment up and running temporarily to reduce the effect on your business as much as possible.


We also have the attitude that prevention is better than cure and this leads us to focus on maintenance and encourage our customers to do the same. Maintenance is the key to ensuring equipment is both productive and reliable and also increases longevity and that in turn saves money, the fourth focus of our service.


At MES, we believe that expertise (saving time), quality workmanship (reducing recurring faults) and prioritising maintenance (stopping faults before they occur) adds up to one thing, savings! And because MES's core business is the service of equipment, not sales, we have no motivation to shorten the life span of any piece of machinery and no desire to sell you a new machine. This means that we make every effort to keep your equipment running for as long as it is economically viable. As long as parts are available (and you'd be surprised how long that can be for) and technical information related to the equipment is accessible, we'll keep your important equipment going strong.

Of course, should it not be viable to keep a machine running, MES has the contacts and partners to help source new equipment at very competitive prices and offers the unique ability to see through the process of purchasing new equipment from beginning to end. That means research, purchase, delivery, installation, training and after sales service for the life of your equipment.

Please call or email us for more information. We invite both customers and suppliers to contact us in relation to your needs as we are always seeking new opportunities to work with equipment manufacturers and distributors in supplying quality service and support to equipment owners.